WeDiagnostiX is an artificial intelligence system that reads and interprets dental panoramic radiographs, and allows you to produce a report in a few clicks.

This is a second opinion with the precision of a senior practitioner.

Your explanations are simpler for patients, your communication easier, and your treatment plans are more easily adopted by a convinced patient.




Download the free App.
and discover how AI will optimize your exercise.

Our connected viewer allows you to bridge the connection between your imaging, your patient management software and the cloud service developed by WeDiagnostiX.



Pratician like :

Facile à installer

Je m’en sers pour revoir chaque radiographie.

J’ai ainsi un compte-rendu pour chaque patient. Initialement j’ai pris en main le système hors de la présence des patients, et rapidement je me suis apercu que l’effet wahwww des patients est garanti.

Je sécurise mon exercice.

Dr Abdeslam Chachoua

Dentiste Omnipraticien, à Paris 16

Superbe outil, il est top et l’installation est facile,

Tout est bien repéré, même les caries radiculaires que j’avais zappé. 

Le rapport anatomique entre les dents de sagesse et le nerf alvéolaire est représenté et permet aux patients de mieux comprendre mes explications, comme la proximité du nerf avec les racine des dents de sagesses.

Dr Jean-David Wolfeler

Dentiste - Chirurgien Oral, à Paris 17

Our partners :

Make your business more secure.

From day one, we have been committed to protecting your patients’ data. How do we do that? By not asking you for it! That’s why you have to download our viewer to connect to our server. 
We are committed to security concepts.
– Security of your patient data,
– security of your clinical activity,
– security of our results.

Safety in your clinical activity:

WeDiagnostiX makes it easy for you to comply with legislation by making it easy for you to produce a radiology report.
You benefit from a second opinion that is not fatigued after a day’s work, that is not discrete by external events, you benefit from an exhaustive reading of the radiography.

Data Security :

The radiographs we analyze are “de-identified” when they are sent for analysis, and we do not receive any patient data other than the “pure” image of the radiograph.
Patient identification information is stored on the practitioner’s computer.

The X-rays processed by WeDiagnostiX are processed by European servers that are not subject to the extraterritoriality of US laws.

Safety of our results :

WeDiagnostiX’s AI engine is one of the most powerful in the world today.
AI It is the complementary nature of the human-machine tandem that makes us talk about “augmented man”. But because we know that neural networks do not provide an absolute answer, we have designed WediagnostiX to minimize the risk of error that could be linked to the use of AI. The only security comes from the use: you validate the AI proposals.

Hundredth of a second to get the first results.

The second opinion in less than 5 seconds

About :

WeDiagnostiX is a French company specializing in medical image processing using artificial intelligence, initiated by healthcare professionals and complemented by internationally recognized experts in Artificial Intelligence.

Based on 2D panoramic dental X-rays (and soon 3D : CBCT), WeDiagnostiX algorithms allow to establish the patient’s dental schema, to analyze the treatments already performed, and to identify pathologies at the dental and extra-dental levels.

The use of Artificial Intelligence makes the diagnosis more credible and increases the detection rate of pathologies, whatever their stage.
The reading time is only a few seconds, which gives the practitioner time to communicate the necessary care to the patient.

The use of our technology makes it possible to meet the legal obligation to provide an accurate report of the panoramic X-ray to the patients. Integrated with dental practice management software, our solution increase patient engagement and education. 

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