WeDiagnostiX is a practioner’s assistant

Thanks to the WeDiagnostiX algorithms, you will get the following results in a few seconds:


Our software makes a first reading of the X-ray and highlights the potentially pathological areas and proposes several diagnoses.


Treatment plans will be more accepted.

Explanations are simpler for the patient who sees the information displayed on his X-ray.

Using our artificial intelligence solution in your daily practice allows you to enhance your booth

Using our artificial intelligence solution in your daily practice allows you to enhance your booth

What we offer to you


Easy to use, our solution allows to detect more pathologies coupled with human analysis. The automatic image recognition helps the practitioner’s eye to detect problems.

Your clinical experience and medical knowledge will allow you to interpret the results.


The data is secured in compliance with the RGPD on a sovereign infrastructure. 

The solution has been patented



Methodical analysis and diagnostic support takes only a few seconds when you spend several days a year doing it.

The minutes saved will allow you to spend more time with your patients.

Develop your practices

WeDiagnostiX allows for progress in the detection of pathology..

About :

WeDiagnostiX is a French company specializing in medical image processing using artificial intelligence, initiated by healthcare professionals and complemented by internationally recognized experts in Artificial Intelligence.

Based on 2D and 3D panoramic dental X-rays (CBCT), WeDiagnostiX algorithms allow to establish the patient’s dental schema, to analyze the treatments already performed, and to identify pathologies at the dental and extra-dental levels.

The use of Artificial Intelligence makes the diagnosis more credible and increases the detection rate of pathologies, whatever their stage.
The reading time is only a few seconds, which gives the practitioner time to communicate the necessary care to the patient.

The use of our technology makes it possible to meet the legal obligation to provide an accurate report of the panoramic X-ray to the patients. Integrated with dental practice management software, our solution optimizes

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